About Self Awareness

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The Self Awareness Diagnostic

The Self Awareness diagnostic is at the heart of all we deliver. Its foundation, the 4 quadrants (DISC) theory of workplace behaviour, has been established for over 60 years.

Our particular diagnostic is validated by the Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge. It also uniquely incorporates the analysis of a person's approach to mastering new tasks, knowledge and skills.

The Self Awareness reports help individuals gain a powerful understanding of their workplace strengths and how they master new challenges.

They build confidence and help people to accurately articulate their soft skills and make more informed choices in their careers, work and personal development.

Self Awareness in Employability

Whether you are reading this an employability provider, an educator or an individual about to use the diagnostic and looking to develop your potential, the Self Awareness diagnostic and reports can help.

For individuals to develop their full potential, you need to know what makes them tick. You need know how to get the best out of them and build their confidence. You need to be able to play to their strengths.

Our unique diagnostic and reports support individuals in their own understanding and development of their soft skills, as well as their ability to powerfully communicate these to recruiters. As we know, it is these soft skills which are increasingly valued by employers.

So, whether you are looking to assist new entrants to the labour market, someone who is unemployed or individuals who are looking for a career change, Self Awareness can help maximise their potential. The diagnostic and reports can support understanding, decisions and approaches around an individual’s:

  • soft skills, key strengths and behaviours

  • motivations

  • preferred working style

  • best-suited working environments, roles and careers

  • approach to taking on new skills and challenges

Self Awareness Languages

In addition to English, the Self Awareness diagnostic is available in 13 European languages: Bulgarian, French, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.


The Self Awareness Team

Apricot’s Self Awareness team brings together diverse and complementary skills, qualities, expertise and experience. The team includes behavioural analysts and practitioners, educationalists, business and educational consultants, leaders and managers experienced at all levels.

They have helped young people, adults, employees and managers to develop lives, careers, businesses and new enterprises. They have worked with and in secondary, further and higher education. The team holds a wealth of experience working with employers from a wide range of sectors around on-boarding and the enhancement of staff, management and organisational performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Apricot, we are committed to being a responsible company that cares for its stakeholders and supports the wider community. We believe that we can help make a positive difference to those around us - our work colleagues, community and the wider environment.