The Reports

Our Self Awareness contextualised and personalised reports have been developed in partnership with educators, learners, employers and other stakeholders across both educational and business sectors.

Below is a selection of the reports available, each with an overview of its potential use. There are other, more specialised, reports available should you wish to contact us and discuss your needs further.

For each of the reports shown, an example report is available to view or download. Whilst the image in a report represents a person's primary working strength, the reports are based upon the entire, complicated mix of strengths and factors that make up an individual's natural working style.

Candidate Feedback

Ideal for use in employability sessions to determine and help individuals articulate their contribution to the workplace in order to make informed career decisions and successful application and interview strategies.

Entrepreneurial Skills

At a time when business leaders increasingly seek to identify Entrepreneurial skills in their organisation, this report is invaluable in Employability and staff development discussions to support the articulation of the attributes both Candidates and staff might offer. Considers the person's qualities, probable challenges and coping strategies.

Enterprise Skills

Supports discussions around self-employment and business start-up. Considers a person's qualities, probable challenges and coping strategies. Intended for use in sessions with a coach, mentor, tutor or the like.

Self Awareness Profile

A multi-context report that gives an overview of an individual’s preferred working style as well as their qualities, foundations, motivators and values to an organisation. Additionally, it incorporates how the person is adapting their style in order to cope in their current circumstances. Changes to style are not uncommon, but may occasionally be a source of stress. Available as instant feedback to the completer of the diagnostic, this can prove invaluable as a discussion document in developmental meetings

People at table

Leadership & Management Style

Intended for use in sessions with a coach, mentor or manager during development and review activities for existing, new or aspiring leaders and managers.

Personal Interview Techniques

Developed for use in Higher Education, this report is ideal for graduates seeking their first role. It is intended to help the individual select a career that suits their natural working strengths... and succeed in starting out on that career path! It includes a review of their own style, strengths and weaknesses as well as interview preparation and strategy tips.

Approach to New Learning and Skills

Just as people display various styles of preferred behaviour when working, they also develop a variety of ways to cope with new tasks, learning and training. Broadly based on four patterns of learning – Realistic, Active, Reflective and Analytical – this report is designed to give information on how an individual prefers to take on new knowledge and skills, those strategies which will suit him best and how he may react to different learning and development scenarios. Suitable for use from age 16+, this report is ideal for use with participants in either vocational or non-vocational training contexts, on employability programmes or with new employees to shape their induction, training and development plans.